About Harris Fraser

Company Overview

Harris Fraser Group is a wealth management company assisting clients in Asia to protect and grow their wealth since 1990.
Harris Fraser Group employs a professional approach to wealth management by starting with a thorough knowledge of the client, coupling that with extensive research and providing relevant options to satisfy the clients’ needs. Harris Fraser’s services include asset management, corporate and trust services, investment savings plans, tax planning, life and general insurance, overseas property investment and MPF advisory.

Financial Peace of Mind for More Than a Quarter of a Century

Now wholly owned by the Mason Group as an independent autonomous entity, Harris Fraser Group can only but strengthen and deepen the ongoing relationships with its clients. Trusted and proven since 1990 for its prudent track record and wide Pan-Asian footprint, Harris Fraser Group, as a wealth management company, works with hundreds of investment professionals and services over 17,000 clients in Asia-Pacific. Maintaining intimate client-planner partnership is the paramount ethos that has characterized the Group since its inception.

Your Aspirations: Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help our clients achieve their financial dreams and aspirations. As distinct professional financial consultants, our team is able to offer the flexibility and integrity necessary to attend to our clients’ best interests, helping them fulfil objectives and maintain financial health and wellbeing.

Financial Planning is For Everyone

Whatever your age, your profession, your stage or aims in life, financial planning is more than a roadmap that assist you accomplish your financial dream - it is crucial to your life’s wellbeing in every way, financial or psychological. Yet, no two clients will face the exact same needs. That is why we always customize the product to each individuals unique needs.

Our Approach: Prudent, Informed and Professional

We work hard to make our clients’ money work well for them. The prudent planning we propose does not come from luck or guesswork; rather it is a result of solid research and in-depth analysis from our team of knowledgeable and market-savvy strategists. The systematic gathering and interpretation of market intelligence, followed by consistent application of professional judgments is what makes Harris Fraser unique.

Our Commitment: You and You Only

Our only duty is to our clients. As financial planners underpinned by the broad reach and strength of the Mason Group, being industry astute and transparent to our clients enables us to be totally committed in the advice we render. Our only criteria for recommending a particular financial product, is simply whether it is most suited to our client’s needs. The bottom line? We work for you!