Family Office

Portfolio Management

Harris Fraser provides a wide range of services to our High Net Worth clients including; traditional asset management services, advisory services, and discretionary asset management services.

In line with our investment philosophy we seek to avoid asset overpricing and ‘herd’ mentality investments in our allocations for the protection of capital.

Investment Consultancy

Our experienced consulting team focuses on providing in-depth investment insights, which translate into profitable portfolio allocations, and individual investment trades. In this way, we assist our valued clients to discover specific market dislocations and emerging themes, which are yet to be exploited by the broader market and profit from them before other investors ‘crowd’ the same ideal. Profitable investment decisions are achieved through the identifying of potentially profitable investment scenarios followed by the timing and implementation of those scenarios with the right financial securities or instruments.

With the foresight gathered through both traditional and non-traditional research and analysis of the global markets versus local offerings, this allows us to respond to new developments before they impact on our valued clients.

Whether you seek advice on how to protect a specific asset class or investment, or you wish to profit from a major market event, our team will assist you to solve your most complex investment problems through practical, cost-effective means to maximize your returns.

Family and Business Advisory

As family wealth extends well beyond purely financial assets, addressing the challenges of multi-generational families, businesses, taxation, philanthropy and related issues require specialist advice. Harris Fraser offers a specialist family advisory service to clients wishing to benefit from our long experience in working with a wide group of professional intermediaries and other unique valued clients.

We offer practical advice on family issues which takes into account each family’s unique situation tempered by our understanding the underlying themes common to Asian-Pacific families. Harris Fraser is able to leverage its extensive network to provide advice and referrals to protect and enhance each unique valued clients’ family wealth situation.

Family Business

Family business planning can either pose major risks to the family structure or serve as a tool to enhance family relationships. Well-considered advice can help make the difference by appropriately considering a family business governance system, rules of engagement for family members, family member advancement and compensation, leadership succession mechanisms to ensure continued family ownership, allowing liquidity and flexibility around individual participation

Family Governance

Helping families develop and implement a customized framework designed to improve profitable decision-making whilst reducing the risk of family conflict stand as key in our value proposition. This may include a number of activities but not limited to guidance in establishing a family mission statement or a family constitution, developing a family charter and family council, planning to enhance and establish the next generation, philanthropy strategy.

The Family Office

Support in defining and designing the purpose and function of your family office or enhancing current arrangements. Advising on suitable operating structures, governance, investment board and proactive risk management frameworks.