Investment Services

Lump Sum Investment

Harris Fraser provides both direct and indirect investment in various asset classes such as stock equities, mutual funds, fixed income, exchange-traded funds (ETF), and alternative investments. Our clients are able to construct their own portfolios dynamically according to their investment amounts, risk preferences, and objectives.

Investing into a mutual fund increases the dynamic of your investment portfolio. It is quick and easy, and requires a relative smaller amount of capital upfront. Mutual fund allows the client to maximize the advantage of diversification by investing into a pool of securities including but not limited to equities, fixed incomes, and alternative investments. More importantly, conducting independent research on individual asset class and market a very time and cost consuming process, by investing into a mutual fund, clients will delegate all of these costs to the mutual fund managers and their team. These funds are also called active funds as the fund managers aim to focus on security selection to outperform the benchmark indices.

An exchanged-trade fund (ETF) is a passive investment fund that aims to replicate the performance of a benchmark index. An ETF will only rebalance on a pre-determined basis and thus the associated costs are lower than an active fund. Client is able to gain exposure in a particular sector or market by investing into a related ETF, and is expected to earn a similar return to the underlying index.

Through our investment platforms and expertise, our clients are able to enhance portfolio diversification by investing into a vast array of assets such as stocks and bonds. Fixed income provides stable income flow and thus increase the downside protection of the portfolios at the time of market uncertainty.