Investment Services

Regular Savings

Many Harris Fraser clients have pondered how they can effectively meet their future financial burdens and goals. In the dynamic and ever changing world we live in today many people do not adequately think and plan for their future. A savings plan is an ideal method to help you realize your future aspirations and dreams without sacrificing the present.

At Harris Fraser we can offer a number of savings plans that will give you financial security in the future. Using a savings plan can help you achieve peace of mind that you and your loved ones will always have the financial stability that you need. The plans that we offer can address a number of concerns and challenges that most of our clients have whether it’s saving for retirement, your child’s education, or for that rainy day.

Your Harris Fraser financial advisor can offer you a wide range of solutions when it comes to savings plans. These solutions include the flexibility to stop, delay, or increase the amount of your contributions depending on your financial situation at the time. You will also have a range of managed investments to select from as well as the ability to spread your funds over different asset classes and investment instruments.

Children higher education and its associated costs are rising every year. If you have young children, the price you will pay for their education could be significantly higher than today’s prices. Despite this rising cost, you will want your children to have the option to go to the education centre of their choice. So how do you save enough for their education and still achieve your other financial goals?

Its starts with a plan

At Harris Fraser – we understand what parents need to consider and can identify and help implement solutions that suit each family’s educational needs. In order to ensure that your educational funding plan is performing to schedule, Harris Fraser recommends that a client, along with their financial advisor, review the performance of the funds at least annually, and make adjustments as necessary for under-performing funds. As your child gets closer to starting their higher education, your financial advisor will recommend you shift your investments that reflect the amount of time you have, reducing your exposure to market ups and downs while still aiming for high returns.

Retirement Planning means making sure you will have enough to live on. You may be entitled to pension or retirement plan income during the retirement. You are likely to be responsible for providing your own needs. Your retirement income may come from different sources:

  • 1. Money from your pension or retirement plan, e.g. Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund
  • 2. Your savings, investments or annuities you have built up
  • 3. Your entitlement of social security, e.g. Hong Kong Old Age Living Allowance

Our professional team can help to map out your retirement plan, so that it can provide financial needs when you are retiring.

Through our investment platforms and expertise, our clients are able to enhance portfolio diversification by investing into a vast array of assets such as stocks and bonds. Fixed income provides stable income flow and thus increase the downside protection of the portfolios at the time of market uncertainty.