Managed Investment Solutions

Managed Investment Solutions

Harris Fraser Investment Research Team offers multi investment solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our investment universe covers a wide range of asset classes including but not limited to equities, fixed incomes, mutual funds, exchanged-traded funds, and alternative investments. Embracing a top-down analytical approach and intensive fundamental research, we are able to offer tailor-made investment solutions to you according to your targeted returns and risk preferences.

Fleming Portfolio

Our Fleming Portfolio, 'FLEMING' emphasis on a 'buy and hold' strategy. Based on a value-investing discipline, our portfolio managers aim to identify and invest into undervalued assets with great upside potentials. Based on the strategy, they will try to minimize the trading turnover to capture the full investment cycle. Technical analysis is also involved to enhance the timing on execution.

MACRO Portfolio

Our MACRO Portfolio is a multi-asset strategy portfolio that offers an all-rounded yet unique investment solution to our valuable clients. The unique feature is that it encompasses multi different strategies that would be value-added to the portfolio. One that primarily focuses on long-term strategic allocation on securities / funds with sound fundamentals and thematic investment idea; while the other one applies technical and quantitative analysis for shorter-term exposure to capture extra alpha for the portfolio.

Visionary Investment Portfolio Services

VIPS offers the precious investment solution for clients who participate in the Investment Linked Assurance Schemes (ILAS). It is a managed discretionary portfolio that incorporates long-term saving characteristic, in which our portfolio managers aim to provide a stable return while trying to minimize the risk of the portfolio over the longer run.